A Platform for Donation and MarketPlace


Community also means that people are dependent on each other for support and livelihood and there’s no individuality. Community initiatives are an integral part of the society. It’s a chain, in which, one helps and supports others to help themselves.

A digital platform connecting people to support each other will bring the transparency and efficiency in the entire process.
  • e-Taarana – is a platform built based on the concept of enablement of people by connecting them to different stakeholders(actors) in a donation process.
  • A marketplace to showcase products which can be donated or gifted.
  • Supporting organizations that can transparently manage transactions.

Enabling Helping Hands - Connecting People with Digitization

The Concept

  • Enable corporates and individual donors, who are willing to donate or gift.
  • NGOs connect people who are in need and plan to support them. They need assets and support to implement the support.
  • Producers grappling with unsold stock need a platform to sell their stocks, and thus earn money and not donations. They need a marketplace which can reach many consumers.
  • Corona warriors like Asha workers, civic workers, policemen, etc.. who are helping the society 24X7, need support.
  • e -Taarana, connects these people to help them in the way they need!

e-Taarana – A Digital Platform!

Stakeholders in the Donation Cycle


Covid-19 situation has left many producers like weavers, farmers, cottage industries workers, etc.. with huge stocks unable to sell them.


People who need to be supported with clothes, food, medicines etc.


People who are willing to donate or gift the products but not sure what and where to contribute.


Organization which facilitates and support initiatives to support both producers and beneficiaries.

e-Taarana – A Digital Platform!

Solution Overview